Posted by: nowiremember | April 29, 2008

How to downgrade Vista to XP

Are you fed up with the bloated and resource pig Vista ? I it very easy to downgrade back to XP, without re-foramting and losing any data. You need a genuine XP setup disk, not an OEM system retore disk.

Start by booting to your XP disc: Just insert the disc into your drive and turn on your PC, then press the spacebar when it says Press any key to boot from CD…

When XP Setup starts, press R on the first page to open the Recovery Console. If you are asked to choose a Windows installation, type a number (usually 1) and press Enter.

Now. at the Recovery Console command prompt, type the following commands to prep your hard disk for XP:

cd \
ren windows winvista

When your PC restarts, boot onto your XP CD once again, and then proceed with setup normally.

When setup is finished, you’ll have to move everything manually. This includes your documents, the contents of your desktop, and any other personal data that you’ll need from Vista’s now-defunct C:\Users folder into XP’s C:\Documents and Settings folder. You’ll also need to reinstall all your applications and device drivers, and eventually delete the abandoned C:\Winvista folder


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